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Adhesions causing the lung to be stuck to the chest wall in a case of pleural effsuion caused by tuberculosis  Pleural effsuion caused by tuberculosis  Biopsy that can be performed during pleuroscopy to confirm the diagnosis."  


Pleuroscopy or medical thoracoscopy is a minimally-invasive procedure involving a "key-hole" operation to introduce a fine fibre-optic pleuroscope that allows near-complete visualization of the chest/thorax from within. This procedure can be performed to diagnose the cause/s of pleural effusions, which can vary from infective to malignant conditions. Commonly the evaluation of pleural effusions is done by analysis of the pleural fluid with a chest tap and/or by a "blind" pleural biopsy. The diagnostic accuracy for a pleural effusion is much higher via a pleuroscopy when compared to these routine methods.

In addition, when the pleuroscopy has confirmed the cause to be malignant, all the pleural fluid can be withdrawn during the same procedure and pleurodesis can be performed under direct vision to best prevent the effusion from recurring. If the pleuroscopy shows the pleural effusion to be infective in nature, complete breakdown of adhesions within the thorax can help promote healing compared to traditional methods of treatment.











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